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Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics

Beyond the Grabshot: Simple tips for Improving your Photography

Once upon a time, I wrote a book. Well, most of a book. It was never really finished, and I didn't have the capital to print it anyway, and sections of it were going out of date even as I wrote, but I wrote most of a book. Here are the opening paragraphs of the introduction:

"Why don’t my pictures turn out like that?" People ask me variations on that question several times a day when I show my photography at galleries or arts & crafts fairs. The question is, of course, rhetorical. But a general answer is not all that complicated. When most people try their hand at nature photography, they usually just take grabshots; they see something interesting, grab a camera, and shoot. Not surprisingly, the results are often unimpressive.

Most people could dramatically improve their photography by simply taking a little more time setting up their shots, using a tripod, and learning the basics of composition, exposure, and other aspects of photography.

In this book, I shall attempt to give interested amateurs the little nudge necessary to take them beyond the grabshot, and into the realm of quality nature photography.

I was writing the book near the turn of the 21st Century, when digital cameras were just starting to dominate the photo world. Since much of the book is about film and film cameras, it was obsolete instantaneously. But sections of the book are not technology-specific, and as I review them twenty years later, I see there's some good stuff there. So, I'll add a new section to my website, dust off and edit the still-relevant parts of that book, and write some new stuff on the theme of improving your photography.

I hope you find this section helpful.

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