Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics
Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics

Samples from Book Projects

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Here are a few sample chapters from book projects I've worked on. I've posted them as pdf files to preserve the formatting without turning them into large graphics files.

Sample Chapters and Pages
Sample pages from This Gem of a Forest
Several pages from What Would You Call this Gem of a Forest. View the sample.   Visit the Mendocino Trail Stewards' site.
"The Second Emigration" from HFY + CAB
I was given a copy of The Last One Leaving Mayberry by Aaron McAlexander for use in my genealogy book. I took this chapter, added photos from the family archives, and gave it a type treatment consistent with the rest of my book.   View the sample.   View the whole book.
The Hiker’s hip pocket Guide to the Humboldt/Del Norte Coast, 3rd Ed.
For this project, I was working with an existing design and working with the author to create a new edition. I did the layout, the cover, and many of the maps. View the sample.    Visit the Bored Feet Press site.
Mendocino Gold
Part of the second chapter of Lawrence Todd Bauman's novel. This project has changed quite a bit. I've included a sample from an early draft, since the project has gone to Kindle. This draft was designed as print book; the Kindle format eliminates any traces of typographic design.   View the sample.
Oasis Tales of the Conjuror
The opening chapters of Todd Walton's 2013 novel. View the sample.   Visit Todd's site.
Recipes of Alexander Skåll
The opening chapters of Todd Walton's recent novel. View the sample.   Visit Todd's site.