Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics
Garth Hagerman Photo/Graphics

recent photo additions

Etna Summit in Inland Northern California photo gallery

“Etna Summit”

added on 2020-04-15

Tumbling Tributary in Inland Northern California photo gallery

“Tumbling Tributary”

added on 2020-04-15

Lithia Park in Oregon photo gallery

“Lithia Park”

added on 2020-04-15

Bloomberg is Trump 2.0 in Memes photo gallery

“Bloomberg is Trump 2.0”

added on 2020-02-15

Tidal Fog in Ft. Bragg to Rockport photo gallery

“Tidal Fog”

added on 2019-05-24

Old Growth Starburst in Humboldt Redwoods photo gallery

“Old Growth Starburst”

added on 2019-05-24

Dogwood Canopy in Inland Northern California photo gallery

“Dogwood Canopy”

added on 2019-05-24

allium falcifolium in Oregon photo gallery

“allium falcifolium”

added on 2019-05-24

Backlit Lupine in Oregon photo gallery

“Backlit Lupine”

added on 2019-05-24

Cute Biden in Memes photo gallery

“Cute Biden”

added on 2019-04-25

Little Howard Creek Falls in Ft. Bragg to Rockport photo gallery

“Little Howard Creek Falls”

added on 2019-04-13

Through the Tunnel in Mendocino photo gallery

“Through the Tunnel”

added on 2019-03-13

Trump booksigning in Memes photo gallery

“Trump booksigning”

added on 2019-03-08

Booby Trap in Memes photo gallery

“Booby Trap”

added on 2019-02-07

Rainbow over the Pirate Ship in Mendocino photo gallery

“Rainbow over the Pirate Ship”

added on 2019-02-03

Post of enlightenment in Memes photo gallery

“Post of enlightenment”

added on 2019-02-02

Fog and Ridges in Lost Coast photo gallery

“Fog and Ridges”

added on 2019-01-29

Footsteps to the Wild in Lost Coast photo gallery

“Footsteps to the Wild”

added on 2019-01-29

Lagoon Reflections in Lost Coast photo gallery

“Lagoon Reflections”

added on 2019-01-29

View from Horse Mountain Ridge in Lost Coast photo gallery

“View from Horse Mountain Ridge”

added on 2019-01-29

Intuition as Medicine Flyer in Print Design photo gallery

“Intuition as Medicine Flyer”

added on 2019-01-29

Crater Lake Panorama in Oregon photo gallery

“Crater Lake Panorama”

added on 2019-01-25

Lilium washingtonianum in Oregon photo gallery

“Lilium washingtonianum”

added on 2019-01-25

Phantom Ship in Oregon photo gallery

“Phantom Ship”

added on 2019-01-25

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