Totally unpredictable news

The grand unifying theme of the news the last few days has been “who could possibly have predicted..”
A brief summary:
• North Korea is expanding its nuclear facilities. Surprise!
• Sen. McConnell is determined to ram through confirmation of whatever wackanoodle nutjob Trump nominates for SCOTUS, regardless of his own precedent, the individual’s qualifications, or ongoing investigations into the very legitimacy of the current regime. Surprise!
• Sen. Flake briefly considered the possibility of growing a backbone and slowing the confirmation. Then, he immediately caved. Surprise!
• The retiring Supreme Court Justice’s son has been helping Trump launder billions of dollars of Russian gangster money. Surprise!
Another mass shooting. Surprise!
• Our shi-tzu was offered a piece of carrot as a treat. She was not impressed. Surprise!

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