montgomery woods

My girlfriend and I have gone for a couple of little trips to Montgomery Woods in recent weeks. Montgomery Woods is a State Preserve on a remote county road between Ukiah and Comptche. It has Mendocino County’s finest stand of old growth redwoods. I got a few decent shots there:

trail in montgomery woods

Some flowering dogwood along the stream:

dogwood at montgomery woods

A tiny waterfall feeds a cool pool in a side stream:

secret pool, montgomery woods

A trail by a giant:

trail by giant, montgomery woods

Pool with reflections:

pool and reflections, montgomery woods

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  1. garthman says:

    Jim R wrote me an email:
    At the suggestion of some friends in Mendocino County some friends and I spent a couple days in Montgomery Woods. Without a lot of planning we pretty much stuck to the marked trails but were so intrigued by what we saw that we’re already planning our return visit. Searching for pictures/info led me to your blog page. There’s one photo in particular that has me awestruck. where is the waterfall and pool you found? We hiked up the river from the parking area to the first grove and didn’t see it, but its something we certainly wouldn’t want to miss on a return venture. Thanks for your time! Look forward to hearing back from you.
    “We’re loyal, like brothers.”

    I replied:
    The Montgomery Woods Reserve has been expanded in the last couple of years. There’s a neat addition that’s accesible from Comptche/Ukiah Rd. (aka Orr Springs Rd.) about half a mile east of the main trailhead. The tiny waterfall, with its cool pool and interesting sculpted rocks, is about a hundred yards from the road in this area. If you’re looking to the north side of the road as you drive through the area, you’ll see a large white sign commemorating the addition and extolling the virtues of our beloved governor and great friend of the parks, Ahnold. Once you finish puking, walk up the trail behind the sign. The trail splits in just 50 yards or so. The left fork goes to the tiny stream. The fall/pool is downstream a smidge. The right fork of the trail is a nice walk. It follows the stream through old growth for a bit, then through a young forest, then it breaks into open oak woodland/grassland.
    As far as I know, there’s no map available of the newly public lands. There are some old “no trespassing” signs up the trail a ways, but I think they’re no longer applicable.

    I’ve been back to Montgomery Woods this Spring, and I took some pics of the new area and some post-fire pics of the main grove. I’ll try to find some time for a proper blog post about it in the next coupla daze

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