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My Closed Mind

I confess. I’m closed minded. We all know the drill. Somebody makes a claim. We keep an open mind and carefully investigate, research, and analyze before we determine the veracity of the claim. The source of the information isn’t supposed … Continue reading

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Bands in Hell

Another  Facebook post. This one caused a bit of discussion; Hell is a place where the cooks are English, the policemen are German, the politicians are French, the architects are Mormons, and the bands are Steely Dan and the Grateful … Continue reading

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Press release

Another Facebook post, I wrote this the day before my birthday. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Garth Hagerman today formally announced that his birthday, previously scheduled for tomorrow, has been cancelled. Furthermore, all of his birthdays and his entire aging process has … Continue reading

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Murder Mountain

Well, I never seem to find the time to write blog posts, but I write lotsa stuff on Facebook. So, I’ll start copying and pasting some of my better—longer, anyway—FB posts… Hmmm… Andi and I finished watching Murder Mountain* last … Continue reading

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