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John W. McSame for president!

During a few minutes I should have spent on something more productive, I recently designed a lovely McCain bumper sticker. I printed a copy, took it to my friendly neighborhood copy shop, had them make a bunch on adhesive-backed paper, … Continue reading

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be afraid. be very afraid

This sign has been at many of the state park trailheads in the area for a couple of years: Oooh,scary! Pay no attention to the triviality that there have been precisely no documented cougar/mountain lion attacks on people in Mendocino … Continue reading

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montgomery woods

My girlfriend and I have gone for a couple of little trips to Montgomery Woods in recent weeks. Montgomery Woods is a State Preserve on a remote county road between Ukiah and Comptche. It has Mendocino County’s finest stand of … Continue reading

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creative vandalism

I’ve stumbling onto some amusing cases of vandalism on a couple of recent trips. Maybe they say something about the Mendocino/Humboldt culture, I dunno. It’s not just cannabis keeping locals in an altered state:

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mendocino county measure b

It would be difficult to overstate the degree to which marijuana permeates the economy and culture of Mendocino County. The traditional foundations of the local economy—timber and fishing—are either dead or comatose, leaving us with a tourism-based service economy and … Continue reading

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kayaking on big river video

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I took advantage of a warm, calm evening for a little paddle on Big River. Big River’s mouth is right at the village of Mendocino here on the N California Coast. I took along my … Continue reading

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why not?

Everyone else on the planet has a blog, so why not me?  In my capacity as a web designer/developer, I need to get used to working with Open Source web applications, such as WordPress. What better way to familiarize myself … Continue reading

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my new video camera

Last week, my new video camera arrived. I’ve been contemplating a plunge into videography for many years. With my background in photography, theatre, and computer graphics, video seems like a natural grand synthesis of interests. But, the gear is expensive, … Continue reading

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