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Search Engine Optimization Review
for Existing Sites

Why doesn't my site get more traffic?

Why isn't my site listed (or listed well) by the search engines?

If your site hasn't been producing the results you hoped for, you may want to consider my special Search Engine Optimization Review. I'll critique your content, examine your code, suggest improvements to your code, track down existing links pointing to your site, and suggest some likely link partners. All for only $30.

As I review your site, I'll be seeking answers to these questions:

(Note: don't be concerned if you don't know the meaning of some of these terms; they'll be explained in your report.)


  • Is there substantial content on the home page?
  • Does the site as a whole have enough content to be judged a significant resource by the search engines?
  • Is the spelling and grammar consistently correct?
  • Is the content keyword rich without gratuitous redundancy?
  • Is the content logically structured?
  • Is the content original?


  • Does the code validate, or are there syntax errors?
  • Is important content hidden from the search engines by JavaScripts, Flash animation, or rasterized text?
  • Is the markup structural?
  • Is the code bloated with unnecessary table tags, font tags, or proprietary WYSIWYG pseudo-html?
  • Is the visual style information separated into a CSS file?


  • What is the Google Pagerank for the home page? For inside pages?
  • How many links from other sites point in to this site?
  • Are the incoming links from relevant, high Pagerank sites?
  • Are the site's pages interconnected so that the search engine bots can find all of the pages without many levels of recursion? In other words, can a viewer go from one corner of the site to any other corner without following several links?


  • How does the site rank for important seach queries?
  • How formidable is the competition for these queries?


  • How optimized is the current site for search engine placement? Professor Garth will give your site letter grades for each of the “Three Cs”.
  • What could be done to improve the site’s SEO Optimization in each of those areas?
  • How much improvement is likely if these recommendations are followed?

To receive a detailed SEO report with recommendations on how to improve your search engine rankings:

  1. Fill out the form below. I'll need some basic information about your site and your hopes and expectations for it.
  2. Payment (of $30) can be made through PayPal, you can mail a check, or if you're on the Mendocino Coast, you can stop by my office.
  3. Within a week, you'll receive your custom SEO Report. It will assess your site's current state, recommend specific improvements, and predict the likely improvement if the recommendations are followed.

Your name:

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Three search engine queries you site should rank highly for:

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