General Statement

I have a diverse set of skills which can be applied to a wide range of situations. I am presently self-employed on the Mendocino Coast of California, doing web sites, photography, custom photo lab work, print design projects, and selling my nature photography. I am open to a wide range of possibilities, from short-term work on specific projects to a full time payroll job in some distant location.


Design, development, and promotion of web sites
I hand code simple, clean, standards-compliant HTML/CSS. For database driven sites and server-side scripts, I use PHP and MySQL. When the situation calls for it, I can create podcasts, JavaScripts, and QuickTime movies. I strive to create sites which are easy to navigate, easy to read, easy to maintain, and search engine friendly. My web site page includes links to several of my projects
Design and layout for print media
I design and lay out print ads, programs, brochures, business cards, catalogs, posters, etc. I use Illustrator and InDesign for layout, and PhotoShop for raster graphics. I have a solid background in the principles of design and typography. My print design page has several examples.
Photography & photo darkroom work
From ocean sunsets to mustard jars, I've photographed just about any type of subject you can imagine over the years. While my darkroom skills may seem antiquated in the digital age, they've helped me learn the color theory and contrast/brightess correction skills necessary for digital imagery. My general photography page and my nature photography page include many examples.
Writing and copy editing
My educational background has left me highly proficient with the English language, both in the simple mechanics of spelling and grammar and in the subtler areas of proper usage and effective communication.

Employment History

I have been living on the Mendocino Coast for nearly twenty years. During this time, I have continued to expand my photo/graphics business while frequently working part-time or short-term day jobs. For the last several years, I've been entirely self-employed. The outside jobs have included the following:

The Visual Feast
Retail sales in a small camera store. 3/02-9/04
Lark in the Morning
I helped lay out the catalog and maintain the website from 5/99-11/99. I have also packed mail orders and done gardening work for Lark intermittently.
The Outdoor Store
I did retail sales of outdoor gear from 8/98-5/99.
California State Parks
I was a park aide at Westport-Union Landing State Beach for two summers, '96 and '97.
Mendocino Unified School District
I worked as a substitute teacher from 1/96-1/98.
Wind and Weather
I pulled and packed mail orders from 10/94-10/95.

Prior to moving to the Mendocino Coast, I worked for Palmer's Camera in Berkeley from 7/87-6/94. At Palmer's, I was the purchasing agent for the darkroom department, I set up the computerized inventory system for that department, and I did shipping and receiving.


College of the Redwoods, Mendocino Coast
I have completed 24 semester units at C of R. My course work has included two semesters of digital imaging, three semesters of print design and layout, a basic HTML class, some biology classes, and an art history class.
UC Berkeley Extension
I was awarded a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language in June, '91.
University of California, Berkeley
I was awarded a BA in Dramatic Art in May, '84.

Other Interests

I am active in the local theatre community, I am an amateur naturalist, I garden, and I have eclectic tastes in music and literature.

My print portfolio, academic transcripts, and references are available by request.

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