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Web sites, print design, and photography
for the Mendocino Coast
and the rest of the world

If a jack of all trades really is a master of none,garth hagerman I'm in big trouble. I do lots of different things, in many different realms, and I like to think I do many of these things pretty well. Sometimes my seemingly disparate interests dovetail together in interesting ways, sometimes they exist in their own little worlds. From the visual and performing arts, to the geeky world of web site development, my skills and interests cover a broad spectrum. This site is my own little showcase; it's part gallery/portfolio, part resumé, part just plain showing-off.

Web site design and development

I have an extensive set of web skills. I hand code simple, standards compliant HTML/CSS. I use PHP and MySQL for database-driven sites and server-side scripts for various functions. On occasion, I use Wordpress with various add-ons for inexpensive, owner-updateable sites. When a little extra razzmatazz is called for, I can bring some skills with videography, JavaScript, and QuickTime to the fray. My sites are search engine friendly, easily maintained, literate, and visually attractive. I like to think that I'm the best one-stop shop for web site design, development, and promotion on the Mendocino Coast; I can write and/or edit the copy, take the photos, design the graphics, develop the database and server side scripts, and make sure the whole site is optimized for the search engines.

Print design

Using InDesign, llustrator, and PhotoShop; I create a variety of print projects; including posters, brochures, books, maps, newsletters, mail order catalogs, business cards, and performing arts programs. I have a solid background, not only in the use of the programs, but in the principles of typography and design as well.


I have been a serious nature photographer for over thirty years. I have done many solo gallery exhibits and group shows. My work has been published in a variety of publications. I exhibit and sell my work online and at my office/gallery in Mendocino. I had my own color darkroom, until digital technology rendered it irrelevant. I have been doing my own color printing for about twenty years.

My photographic skills are used in a multitude of projects besides nature photography. I've photographed commercial products, art objects, theatrical performances, people, pets, real estate, and the occasional wedding.

Office & Studio

I have a new office, studio, and gallery space. It’s in eastern part of the village of Mendocino, on Hills Road off of Little Lake Road. Call for an appointment: 707-937-1987.

Theatre, genealogy, other interests

My academic background is largely in theatre; I hold a B.A. in Dramatic Art from UC Berkeley. I've acted, directed, stage managed, designed sound, operated light boards, etc. with the Mendocino Theatre Company and a variety of other theatre groups. I've also included some genealogical/historical data on this site. My family tree is my compilation of several researchers' work. One of my great-great grandfathers, Samuel Oliver Bereman, left an interesting journal of his Civil War adventures; it makes good reading for people with any interest in that dramatic period.

My blog

I have a blog. I irregularly add stuff regularly with tech tales, hiking adventures, political ruminations, photos, video clips, and who knows what all. You can find my meandering ruminations on whatever here.

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