My Ancestors in the Civil War

My great-grandparents make an interesting cross-section of European-Americans during the time of the Civil War. Of my eight great-great-grandfathers, two fought for the Confederacy, two actively fought for the Union, one served the Union side in a non-combat capacity, one died before the war, and two weren't involved in the military during the war. In addition, at least three of my great-great-great grandfathers served in the military during the war; I haven't tried to count the siblings and cousins of my ancestors invloved in the war.


William M. Hagerman was a 1st Lieutenant in Co. I, 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry (Union)

William Henry Hagerman (Sr.) Served as a Corporal in Co. I, 39th Kentucky Mounted Infantry.

The 39th Kentucky was a very active unit, involved in innumerable small battles and skirmishes, mostly in Eastern Kentucky.

Wiiliam M.:
Residence not listed;
Enlisted on 1/15/1863 at Peach Orchard, KY as a 1st Lieutenant.
On 2/16/1863 he was commissioned into "I" Co. KY 39th Infantry
He Resigned on 3/27/1865

William Henry :
Residence not listed;
Enlisted on 11/24/1862 at Peach Orchard, KY as a Corporal.
On 2/16/1863 he mustered into "I" Co. KY 39th Infantry
He was mustered out on 9/15/1865 at Louisville, KY


I'm not sure what Lewis Underwood was doing during the war, but he doesn't seem to have been in the military. He was born in 1823 (in PA), and died in 1896.


Francis Marion Yeager served as a member of Co. I, 138th Illinois Volunteers.
The 138th was a hundred day unit which spent a summer in Kansas peeling potatoes or something. I am not sure what his father, Joseph, was doing during the war, but he was on the high side of the military age range (b. 1823)


Worden Safety Patterson (b.1824 in PA) would seem to be a candidate for service in the Civil War, except for one detail: he died in 1858.


Charles Henry Searle (b. 1831 in VT) doesn't seem to have been in the military during the war years. He was a Quaker minister; it seems likely that exempted him from the military.


Members of the Bereman family were active abolitionists. Samuel Emerson Bereman freed the family slaves, moved from Kentucky to Iowa, and served in in Company H of the 37th Iowa Infantry (the "grey beard regiment") at the age 57. He died of disease during the war. Samuel Oliver Bereman ("Ol") wrote the journal which I've posted on this site. All five of his brothers also fought for the Union.

Yeatts (Yates)

Henry Fleming Yeatts served in Company A, 34th Virginia Militia, Conferderate States Army. Three of his brothers also served the CSA. John Yardley Yates , his father, was listed on the Muster Roll of Company I, 53rd Regiment, Picketts Division, CSA.


Jehu Barnard served in the Confederate Army as a member of Company K., 50th Virginia Infantry. His records from

Jehu Barnard Residence Patrick County VA; a 19 year-old Laborer.
Enlisted on 6/22/1861 at Wythe County, VA as a Private.
On 6/22/1861 he mustered into "K" Co. VA 50th Infantry
(date and method of discharge not given)
He was listed as:
* Hospitalized 9/10/1861 Carnifax Ferry, W. VA (Sick in barn)
* Hospitalized 9/20/1861 Lewisburg, VA
* Sick 10/10/1861 White Sulphur Springs, WV
* Returned 11/4/1861 (place not stated)
* On rolls 12/15/1861 (place not stated)
* On rolls 11/5/1862 (place not stated)
* On rolls 12/30/1862 (place not stated) (Recovering from diptheria)
* Hospitalized 4/30/1863 White Sulphur Springs, WV Hospital
* Furloughed 5/12/1863 (place not stated) (Sick leave)
* Returned 5/18/1863 (place not stated)
* On rolls 6/9/1863 (place not stated)
* POW 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania Court House, VA
* Confined 5/18/1864 Point Lookout, MD
* Confined 8/2/1864 Elmira, NY
* Oath Allegiance 6/27/1865 Elmira, NY (Released)
He was described at enlistment as: 5' 9.0", florid complexion, blue eyes, light hair
Other Information:
born 12/3/1840
died 3/14/1933 in Patrick County, VA
(Postwar farmer, county surveyor, Patrick Co., VA. Postmaster, Mayberry, 1872.)
After the War he lived in Patrick County, VA

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