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Oh, why do I do this to myself?

My pathological obsession with the loony right wing has continued unabated. I’m fascinated by the [made-up] facts, [twisted] logic, rhetorical techniques, and general paranoid hysteria of the right wing. For example: the gay marriage issue. Has anyone come up with a credible rational argument against allowing homosexuals to marry? I’ve looked for one, and have failed miserably in my quest. It’s all random homophobia, a couple of passages from the Bible, and some strange nonsense about protecting marriage from some kind of assault.

I had a particular exchange with another YouTube commenter which is pretty typical, or maybe even archetypal. It started with this lovely wingnut video which exposes the shocking truth that Obama wants rich people to pay their taxes and ghetto kids to pick up litter.

3monkeysmomma (2 days ago) 

“I worked as a community organizer..”

Translation: “I couldn’t get a real job in the private sector.”


mistergarth (20 hours ago) Show Hide

“Translation: ‘I couldn’t get a real job in the private sector.’ ”

I hate to interject just a little bit of reality into this lovely paranoia fest, but Obama graduated at the top of his class from Harvard Law. Do you really, for one second, believe that he chose to work as a community organizer because he had no other options?


3monkeysmomma (3 hours ago) 

Might I remind you he worked for ACORN?

It’s not paranoia if THEY REALLY ARE out to get you.


mistergarth (2 hours ago) 

“ACORN? It’s not paranoia…”

ACORN is out to get you? No paranoia there. No sirree bob.

Let me guess. Your message was smuggled out of one of ACORN’s white republican internment camps, where you’re forced to eat tofu and arugula while watching Olberman all day.


3monkeysmomma (2 hours ago) 


I hardly think that’s something to joke about.


mistergarth (2 hours ago) 


Congratulations! You’ve achieved double-wrongness! A few isolated ACORN workers committed voter REGISTRATION fraud. Hardly egregious, and not the same thing as voter fraud at all (none of these phony “voters” actually voted).

In any case, how does any of this translate into ACORN being out to get you?


3monkeysmomma (2 hours ago)

Mistergarth: Some trivia for you:

guess who else worked as a ‘community organizer”? Jim Jones! The communist preacher who murder 900 people by forcing/enticing them to drink cyanide laced kool-aid? Hence the phrase now so often directed to Obamabots “Don’t drink thel kool-aid”

As for ACORN there are extensive ties to attempts at fraud, rent-a-mob schemes, and the community reinvestment act which laid the foundation for the collapse of our credit markets.


3monkeysmomma (2 hours ago)

ACORN also has ties to SEIU which is pushing the card check law. They are thugs who will lie, break the law and commit extortion to force communist policies on our nation.

And I disagree that an organized ATTEMPT at voter fraud is is not something to be concerned about. I guess if a man tried to rape a chid but she manages to escape, you would just shrug it off because it was not egregious.


mistergarth (1 hour ago)

“…an organized ATTEMPT at voter fraud…”

There was no attempt at vote fraud. You ACORN conspiracy loons have to realize that voter registration fraud is not the same thing as voter fraud. ACORN workers were paid by the number of registrations they turned in. A few of them registered Mickey Mouse, or random names from the phone book, to get paid more.

“ACORN also has ties to SEIU…”

Oh NO! People working together to organize workers to get better pay and working conditions! The horror!


3monkeysmomma (1 hour ago) 

Clearly you are so blinded by your ideology you are going to gloss over ACORNS CRIMINAL activities no matter what.

Enjoy your kool-aid.

While the initial comment was somewhat tangential to the video we were supposedly critiquing, it soon veered off the alleged topic entirely. It’s amusing that 3monkeysmomma never bothered to even attempt to answer my initial question “Do you really, for one second, believe that he chose to work as a community organizer because he had no other options?” No direct answer, just change the topic to the dastardly ACORN. Especially amusing is 3monkeysmomma’s creative mix of parroted accusations about the dastardly ACORN’s horrific misdeeds  and total non sequiturs, like “guess who else worked as a ‘community organizer”? Jim Jones!” WTF?

What is it about community organizers, anyway? Don’t right wing groups have their own community organizers?

Next up… scientific debates with creationists!

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