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I really should spend my time more productively…

I’ve caught the youtube bug lately, mostly watching and commenting on ads and news videos relating to the upcoming presidential election. Oh, my goodness there are some incredibly stupid people out there! The comment forums there are such a sewer that I figured anything I type would raise the level of discourse a little. Hey, at least I can spell and punctuate. I doubt I’ve changed anybody’s mind about anything, but all I can do is try.

One particularly irritating theme is taking something Obama says, stripping it from context, and trying to turn it into an outrageous gaffe. The classic is the now hot, but soon-to-be-forgotten, lipstick on a pig statement. Obama was talking about McCain (McSame? McWorse?) trying to position himself as the candidate of change. Obama listed a whole host of ways McCain’s policies are the same as Bush’s, and compared the re-branding to putting lipstick on a pig. An apt metaphor. But, somehow, the rightwingers are shocked, just shocked I tell you, that Obama would say such a crude and sexist thing about Palin, despite the fact that he wasn’t talking about Palin. Since Palin had used the word “lipstick” a week before, all subsequent mentions of lipstick are automatically a reference to her. I guess that’s what passes for “logic” these days.

Was it disgustingly sexist when McCain used the same figure of speech in reference to Hillary Clinton’s health care proposals? No. McCain was a POW. That makes it OK.

Anyway, since I was commenting and stuff, I figured I should type up a profile, and, while I was at it, upload a video. So I posted a montage of my nature photography. Check it out:

Floating Rocks, Living Water video

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2 Responses to adventures in youtube land

  1. mdvaden says:


    Just wandered to your site and blog after noticing your name link at the bottom of Gerald Beranek’s site A Tree Story.

    So …

    On the canidates thing – how do you feel about all of them now? They performing like you expected?

    Virtually all of them are still functioning in government in some capacity. Personally, I didn’t like any of the candidates to choose from compared to all who could be available.

    I vote Republican, but didn’t like that choice.

    So do you feel like you are seeing the change, promises and transparency that you would expect this far into the term of office?


  2. garthman says:

    >They performing like you expected?
    I’m not sure who “they” are. The only new politician on my ballot was Obama. My Congressman and state reps are all Democrats who got re-elected.
    But yes, Obama is performing pretty much the way I expected. I agree with him on most issues, and I disagree with him on a few, especially escalating the conflict in Afghanistan.
    It’s extremely early to be making grand pronouncements about the new administration, but so far they’re doing OK.

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