medical cannabis patient records and verification system

One of my web clients is the friendly neighborhood pot doc. I’ve been working with him over the last few years to develop a system for veryfying his patients’ status and keeping track of their records. It’s one of the most complicated programming projects I’ve created, with 2o database tables and over 100 pages of code,  and it works well for his operation. It keeps track of patients names, addreses, emails, notification preferences,  medical conditions, office visits, and records. It helps notify patients when they need to set up a new appointment. It allows dispensary workers to verify a patient’s status by typing his/her id number into a website.

I received a phone call about it recently. Another clinic was looking for an online verification system. I began to think that maybe this system wasn’t just a solution for the one client; maybe it was something which would be useful to a larger group. But, how could I demonstrate the features of the system without compromising the patients’ privacy?  I set up a demo site, which allows a tour of the functionality without real patients’ data. I’ve also written up some simple documentation of the system, so interested parties can get an dea of what it does.

You can view the demo and read the documentation of my medical marijuana records and verification system here.

A demo patient with a current recommendation has this id number:  ABC-2013102535448

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