Spam Bait

In the tradition of using my blog as a guinea pig for my clients…

One problem with WordPress is that WP blogs get a lot of spam. Spammy comments. Spam trackbacks. Etcetera. So forth. Ad infinitum. One of my clients is claiming he gets around 2000 spam comments per week. There’s a plugin called Akismet which comes with the basic WP install and supposedly filters the crap, but it isn’t free. Well, it’s free-ish. Or something. I hear Akismet is pretty good, but I thought I’d try a genuinely free one or two before relying on the default. After a little research, I decided to try┬áComment SPAM Wiper on my own blog, and see if it seems to be working.

I just installed it a few minutes ago; that was painless. As to its effectiveness, time will tell…

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  1. garthman says:

    For my site, the dribble of spam stopped immediately when I installed Comment SPAM Wiper. I installed it on my client’s site. The deluge continued. Over a period of a couple of days, I managed to stop the flow, but it’s not clear if there was one magic spamstopper or a combination of several things which did the trick. I installed a second plugin, Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. I turned off trackbacks. I kept marking the crap as spam. There had been hundreds of spams a day. Two days ago, there were thirty. Yesterday, ten. Today, none.

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