sometimes the magic works

Even in a weak economy, even with old media in a hyper-technological world, sometimes inspiration and hard work pay off. Exhibit A: David Imus. Who is David Imus, you may ask. He’s a guy you makes old-fashioned paper maps. By himself. In his garage. He’s good at it.

A few years ago, a client of mine (Bob Lorentzen of Bored Feet Press) started distributing a line of maps by Imus Geographics. It was a semi-big deal at the time; the maps were/are extra groovy and they’d won some awards. But still, they were obscure and the idea of big wall maps of large areas was very retro. A couple of years passed, and they sold OK, but unspectacularly. Then, all of the sudden, the orders started pouring in. An article on extolling the praises of the Imus USA map¬†was the primary instigator. Interviews with a couple of NPR programs, posts on blogs, articles on other sites, a news story on an Oregon TV station, and more continued to build on the momentum.

Imus’ maps are available from quite a few places on the web, but you should get yours from Bored Feet. Yes, you should check out the USA map, but you should also explore the whole line of Imus Geographics maps.

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