my great-great grandfather was an SOB

Samuel Oliver Bereman, my mother’s father’s mother’s father, left a journal of his adventures in the Civil War. I’ve had “plans” for some time to do a video blog project, following his journal through the South, visiting battle sites, interviewing historians, and profoundly ruminating. Eventually, I’d take the vlog footage and condense it into a two hour movie that I could sell, take to film festivals, etc. Next time I have a few thousand spare bucks and a couple of spare months… oh, well.

While my snarky family members generally refer to him by his initials, family letters refer to him as “Ol”, short for Oliver, his middle name, contrasting with his father, Samuel Emerson Bereman. I’ll use Ol here.

Anyway, a year or two ago, a bunch of my extended family members got together; I was unable to attend. A box was put aside for me with a bunch of Bereman stuff and miscellaneous tidbits from other branches of the family. Among these papers was Ol’s papers documenting his promotions and his discharge from the military after the war. It seemed like these were cool enough to throw up on the web and see if anybody cares.

Ol’s promotion to Sergeant

Ol’s promotion to First Sergeant

Ol’s discharge

There are a number of interesting documents in this box, including newspaper clippings of the deaths of several Bereman cousins and some personal letters. I’ll try to post a bunch of them as time permits.

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