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eddies in the river of time

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

It’s odd how people can disappear from one’s life for years and then pop up suddenly…

Back in the late seventies, I was a high school student in Wayne, Nebraska. My parents owned a big old farmhouse which had been divided up into apartments. We rented the apartments to students at the nearby college. Mostly, the renters came and went without making much of a splash in our lives, but one group became friends. We even had an annual air hockey tournament. But the current in the river of time sent us off in different directions.

Recently, one member of that old gang contacted me through my website. He (and another member of the group) is working for a non-profit organization helping orphans in Kenya, the Makindu Children’s Center.

It looks like Makindu does a lot of good work. They have a fund raising event going on now, the Proper Walk. It’s sort of like a walk-a-thon, except the particiants are walking 170 miles across the Great Rift Valley instead of strolling across a US town in an afternoon.

Makindu’s description of their work says that they “… provide nutritional, medical and emotional support, access to basic education, and opportunities for vocational training for over 400 destitute AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children.”

It sounds like they are worthy of greater support from us all.

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