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snowbound in cheyenne

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Arg. I’m on yet another adventure, this one isn’t supposed to be as much fun as my usual photo/hiking/explorations. I’m driving a rental truck full of my mother’s stuff from her old house in Lafayette, Louisiana to her new one in Medford Oregon. I  have some friends in Kansas City, so I decided to take a more northerly route. The first three days of the journey were just fine, with seven or so hours of driving, reasonable rest periods, a fun visit in KC, and a pleasant enough drive accross Kansas. Tuesday night I wound up in a motel in Ogallala, Nebraska.

I watched the TV weather reports, and it looked kinda icky. There was some snow on the route. But, it didn’t look too bad; the radar was showing one band of precipitation on my route. Most of the nastiness was to the south in Colorado. I was thinking I’d hit a few hours of slow going, and then free sailing to the coast.

I got a reasonably early start out of Ogallala. It was cloudy, calm, and 41 degrees there. As I headed west, it gradually got worse: a little light rain, then there was some snow by the side of the road, then there was snow blowing across the road, then it was snowing and blowing, then there was snow and ice on the road. After that, it started to get bad.

Just past Cheyenne, the Highway Department closed I80, routing the traffic back to town. It was 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and I had no real option other than getting a motel room and hunkering down for the night while the storm blows through.

I managed to fritter away the rest of the day; I didn’t brink work stuff, so I couldn’t get much productive done. My old laptop doesn’t have wireless capabilities, so I’m on a funky Windows machine in the “business center” of the motel. I managed to fix one problem on one of my clients’ sites, but mostly I played.

The weather forecast called for a little more snow today, but much more reasonable travel conditions. I was confident I’d get a late start, to let the trucks wear off the black ice, slowly slog over to Laramie, then have free sailing the rest of the way.

I woke up this morning, looked out the window, and the conditions were exactly the same as they had been all day yesterday… a near whiteout. Snow and wind with the temp around 20. The freeway west is still closed. Roads I could see from my room getting plowed yesterday are snowed over now. The worst of the snow has moved a little to the east, but ther’e a bunch more coming.

Looks like I’m stuck for another day. Yuck.

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