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Long time away from Blogland…

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

My goodness, time flies. I haven’t had time to blog for… I dunno, a few months. I could look it up, but that’d be research. Anyway, one of the reasons I haven’t blogged is actual work.

I’ve posted a couple of brand spanking new sites for my clients.

One is for a restaraunt/bar in Los Angeles, near Universal Studio City. It’s called Henry’s Hat. In my neck of the woods, restaraunts have little business card sites if they have sites at all. In LA, with its hundred gajillion times larger population, it’s a different story. This site has, or I’m working on developing, lots of interesting database stuff. The menus, which the owner assures me change daily, are all on the DB with scripts to make them easily editable. They have a big party room, which will be decorated specially for sporting events. The events themselves will be chosen by online voting. If you find yourself in LA while hungry and/or thirsty, check it out.

The other new site is for a fellow who helps non-profit organizations get grant money. His name is Harvey Chess, his organization is First Things First. There’s lotsa good info on his site about organizing your organization so that it’ll get grant money. I’ve got some database stuff happenin’ on that site, too. His links page, and events schedule use my scripts; I’ve also set him up with a WordPress blog.

In the political debate realm, I’ve continued wasting far to much time in YouTubesville. Talking sense to wingnuts is a futile exercise, but I can’t help myself. Maybe I’ll get around to repeating some of the comment threads here.

I’ve also posted some stuff on my YouTube channel recently. My Mendocino Village 4th of July Parade video has been something of a hit.

I’ve also had a few recent camping/hiking/photography trips. I keep meaning to write a follow up to my Montgomery Woods Fire post. The short version: it’s recovering very nicely. I’ve made a couple of trips up to the Lost Coast, but haven’t made progress on my site.

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