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not smart enough to understand

I’m fascinated by the wingnuts’ reactions to their recent electoral drubbing. There’s nothing quite so entartaining as the sight of Republican cannibalism. It’s wholesome entertainment for the whole family. Sometimes the right wingers will write something so completely bizzarre that … Continue reading

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adventures in youtube land

I really should spend my time more productively… I’ve caught the youtube bug lately, mostly watching and commenting on ads and news videos relating to the upcoming presidential election. Oh, my goodness there are some incredibly stupid people out there! … Continue reading

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inferno in paradise

All Hell is breaking loose here in Mendocino County… where to begin? Well for starters, the weather. We had a very wet January, but from the middle of February on, it’s been frightfully dry. Pretty much all Spring, it’s been … Continue reading

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when did i move to florida?

Dang, I don’t remember moving to Florida, but it looks like I have. It seems like with each election, Mendocino County becomes more and more Florida-esque. A coupla years back, Mendo County closed most of its precincts and went to … Continue reading

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John W. McSame for president!

During a few minutes I should have spent on something more productive, I recently designed a lovely McCain bumper sticker. I printed a copy, took it to my friendly neighborhood copy shop, had them make a bunch on adhesive-backed paper, … Continue reading

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mendocino county measure b

It would be difficult to overstate the degree to which marijuana permeates the economy and culture of Mendocino County. The traditional foundations of the local economy—timber and fishing—are either dead or comatose, leaving us with a tourism-based service economy and … Continue reading

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